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The morning show „UDRI MUŠKI“ was created on March 2, 2007 within the program scheme of Radio Kameleon in order to improve communication between BiH citizens as well as between citizens and the government in all spheres of life, not only in BiH, but also in the region. The author and host of the show, dr Almir Čehajić Batko, has very soon become a synonym for a man who has been, in his own unique and humorous way, presentinga wide variety of social, economic, cultural, etc. problems in BiH and region, but also a synonym for a man who used media space in order to provide support and help in the treatment of the urgent cases of the ill citizens of BiH, which the (ir)responsible government and social structures have given up on.


From the very beginning of broadcasting in BiH, the show „UDRI MUŠKI“ provoked positive reactions and significant response from „Radio City Sarajevo“ listeners. Colleagues from radio station „East Sarajevo“ very soon recognized our positive vibrations and our mission and joined us in the realization and broadcast of the show „UDRI MUŠKI“. Also, our cooperation continued when their presenter was included within our program. The ratings of the program, listeners' reactions and positive image resulted in the fact that numerous radio stations not only in BiH, but also in the region and the world, started broadcasting the show „UDRI MUŠKI“.


In 2009, management of TV OBN recognized the quality and significance of the show „UDRI MUŠKI“ and the show got its TV release, which resulted in high viewer and listener ratings of „City“ radio. Since 2011 the broadcast of the show „UDRI MUŠKI“ has been taken over by TV „Pink BH“ along with assistance of its resources PINK studio Sarajevo and PINK studio Banja Luka. In order to improve program content, the production of „UDRI MUŠKI“ opened its centers in Zenica, Tuzla, Bihać, Jajce, Mostar, Bijeljina, The Netherlands and Los Angeles (USA). 


The humanity and openness towards people, their problems and everyday life we live in, has given a special and recognizable dimension to the show „UDRI MUŠKI“. Since 2009, the „UDRI MUŠKI“ crew, led by dr Almir Čehajić Batko, initiated numerous humanitarian actions and many lives were saved, thanx to the reaction of „a small, ordinary man“, listener and viewer of the show „UDRI MUŠKI“. It resulted in founding of OTVORENA MREŽA/OPEN NETWORK, which primary goals were to rescue the most urgent cases of the ill citizens of BiH and which today has accordingly developed an organized system and program of activities, especially through our show „HRABRI LJUDI“, that TV Pink BH also broadcasts within its program.

Based on received requests from BiH citizens and future development plan, in 2012 OTVORENA MREŽA became the holder of the non-profit community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ permit. Popularly known as ROM, radio posseses 9 transmitters and broadcast stations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, which allows for extensive coverage. Community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ primarily serves the interests of the BH citizens and supports the activities of civil society. 

The show „UDRI MUŠKI“ will continue each morning to bring good and positive stories to the TV screens of people in BiH, region and diaspora. 
Be with us and our hosts everyday and watch our shows!



We receive a lot of emails, texts and tweets each day and do our best to read them all, but we can not promise to reply to them all individually.

You can also join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter: @udrimuski



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